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Welcome Lake Residents

Board of Directors, 2022 -2023


PO Box 286, Cleveland MN 56017

For general inquiries to our Board, please email us at! 

  Jamie Swenson - Director/President - At-Large

Jamie is a newer resident of Big Jef- ferson but spent her summers on the lake at her grandpa's cabin since she was a kid. She brings 20+ years of personal and professional experience in environmental sci- ence and water resources to the Board. She is an all-round outdoors woman and spends her time either bird or duck hunting, fishing, or kayaking. She is serving her second term on the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council and supports many state and national conserva- tion organizations. Above all, she enjoys engaging and sharing out- door experiences with others, fos- tering a land and outdoor ethic in youth, and working to conserve the remarkable natural resources we are fortunate to have in this state.

  Scott Hanson - Director/Vice President - At-Large

Scott calls Brooklyn Park home, but when he and his wife began look- ing for lake property, their search brought them back to where his wife grew up and now has a sea- sonal cabin on Swede’s Bay. Scott brings his expertise as an IT manag- er to the Board. Scott retired in 2018 from the Army and Air Force National Guard after 20 years and four deployments (England, Af- ghanistan, Kuwait 2x). During his service he became involved in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, where he has held many roles including, Post and District Commander, PR Chairman, Veterans and Military Support Chairman, House Chair- man, and Chief of Staff. His interest is in preserving and protecting

  Carol Burns - Director/Secretary - Swedes Bay/East Lake Jefferson Representative

Carol and her husband reside on East Lake Jefferson. They moved to year-round living on the lake in 2017, fulfilling their dream of retire- ment on the lake. Carol is a retired special education teacher and MSU, Mankato professor. Protect- ing and improving the quality of our chain of lakes is a priority for her. Along with volunteering at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota, Carol enjoys time with her children and grandchildren both on the lake and at the many activities in which they participate. Of course, when home, she takes advantage of the beautiful lake and all that lake life has to offer.

  Pam Hrubes - Director/Treasurer - At-Large

Pam has been on Big Jefferson since 2004. They started living here seasonally for 13 years and then had the opportunity to buy a big- ger lot three houses from their sea- sonal cabin. They then tore down the existing cabin and built in 2017 making them year-round residents. She brings her work experience in accounting to the treasurer position of the Board. Pam is also President of the French Drive Road Associa- tion and also partakes on their French Drive septic cluster. . They enjoy entertaining litera

  Angie Jahr -  Director - West Jefferson 

Angie is a year-round resident on West Jefferson. She brings her personal and professional experience in education and real estate to the Board. As a pro- fessor for over 20+ years, she is commit- ted to educating and building commu- nity to maintain and improve the quality of the lakes that we call home and our home away from home. She is commit- ted to advocating for the resources and local government support to protect our lakes and the quality of our lakes. Year round, you will find Angie fishing. She enjoys lake life with her three grown children, her two grandchildren, and her amazing lake neighbors who are like

Open -  Director - Middle Jefferson

Open -  Director - German

David Tripp - Volunteer, Membership Chair & Newsletter Editor

Scott Lassiter  -  Volunteer, Technology Specialist








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